DCAWS Featured Dog: JERRY


Video Featuring Dog: JERRY

Jerry was brought in by animal control and not claimed by anyone. He is obviously a mixed breed. His coloring and markings are Rottweiler, his build like a boxer, his personality hound dog, but he is shorter than any of those breeds. Whatever his genetics, Jerry is a fine fellow. He recently marked in a parade and did very well. He enjoyed himself immensely and was happy to greet all who wanted to pet him. Jerry has a positive attitude and embraces life with joy. He is good with other dogs. For someone wanting a lively, loving, loyal family member, Jerry would be a good choice. Jerry would greatly benefit from an active family or young couple. It is my opinion, Jerry has been overlooked due to his physical weight. Jerry needs to lose some weight. Jerry is a very ‘fun loving dog’ looking to experience home life. Please consider Jerry! Born about 4/15/11
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Video & Comments made by volunteer Joe R