DCAWS Featured Dog: Doonby


Doonby was adopted when he was young, his family did not spend a lot of time with him and was returned. Doonby, is now 4 years old and is currently being fostered by one of DCAWS’ best foster dad in Phil Adams. Phil says “Doonby is completely different away from an adoption event’. At adoption events Doonby is very scared and frightened with all the loud noises during an adoption event. He also prefers dogs do not get up into his face. Doonby is a very affection and quiet boy during adoption events and is very well behaved. Phil is an amazing foster dad, as he has brought many of his foster dogs to doggie day care. We are hoping someone out there will take a chance on Doonby and give him as much love as his foster dad Phil has given him. Shy and timid dogs often get overlooked at adoption events. It takes a “special person” to give these type of dogs a chance to succeed and to grow their self-confidence. Can you be that “special person” for Doonby?

Any inquires will be directed to Doonby’s foster dad.

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Video & Comments made by volunteer Joe R