You Can Become a Saving Angel

Our shelter is in need of more “enthusiast experienced skilled dog people” who can devote some of their time working one-on-one with our shelter animals so they can expand their horizons beyond the life they only know inside the shelter. We want our shelter animals to gain more learning experiences beyond their shelter life. We are looking for one-on-one walking buddies and playmate friends whom can teach our animals some basic proper commands while spending some personal time with them. If anyone in the Greater St. Louis Area is interested in participating in this program on occasional weekend trips to our shelter, please send an email titled “Saving Angel Program” to

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Recognizing one of our YOUNG volunteers


Time to recognize one of our past young volunteers whom has recently left us. Agor (spelling unsure of) was recently sent back to his homeland to rejoin his family. He was an extremely bright boy who had tremendous passion for our DCAWS dogs. He was a huge help to us unloading the van upon its’ arrival to our adoption events. At adoption events he would always sit in the cages with our dogs and when he was not doing that he would take each dog behind the mall buildings and run with them. He always displayed a tremendous passion and love to all our dogs, he will be greatly missed by our group! He once shared a personal story with me on why his father would never allow him to have a dog. He told me, once he moves out on his own getting his first dog will be a dream come true for him. A DCAWS dog named Sammy was his favorite dog and he so badly wished Sammy would have been his first dog. Whatever dog becomes his first dog, that dog is going to be one VERY LOVED DOG.

Our DCAWS young volunteers are simply the BEST! To watch them interact with the public and help around during the adoption events, it really makes you smile and appreciate them when they are in our presence and sadden when one leaves us.

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Video & Comments made by volunteer Joe R