2013 Statistics


Cats brought in by the city: 125
Cats received from public or born: 169
Total Cats: 294

Dogs brought in by the city: 220
Dogs brought in by public or born: 355
Total Dogs: 575

Total Intake: 869

Cat Adoptions: 253
Cat RTO: 2
Cat Transfers: 3
Total cat placement: 258

Dog Adoptions: 458
Dog RTO: 71
Total Adoptions: 711
Dog Transfers: 25
Total Dog placement: 554

Total Placement: 812
Total RTO: 73
Total Transfers: 28
Missing, Lost or Stolen: 0

Euthanized: 1 dog who killed another dog. 11 cats with FIP or other terminal illnesses.

Died: 42 cats and 31 dogs, mostly newborns too weak to survive.

Average monthly cat population: 65
Average monthly dog population: 59
Total monthly population: 124

Total intake was 41 more than last year and average monthly population 3 more.
Total intake less deaths: 796

Euthanasia rate (Based on viable intake): 1.5%
Placement rate (Based on same number): 98%.
Other deaths: 8.4%

The numbers of pregnant mothers and mothers with litters, both cat and dog, were very high for the first part of the year. Numbers dropped locally the last few months of the year and it is believed the spay/neuter vouchers offered starting in July helped with this. DCAWS intake includes kittens and puppies born and some adult pets in foster care that were never at the shelter. In addition to the pregnant pets and pets with litters, we continued to have entry of many special needs pets with skin problems, fractures, injuries from being shot, etc. Most of the cats brought in by the city are feral, but we do not put them to sleep. Good homes for them as barn cats or house mousers are always welcome.