Jacie’s Out of Prison! [UPDATED]

Jacie was adopted!

Jacie is a 4-year-old border collie mix who went through the Puppies for Parole program at the Potosi Correctional Center. She has now graduated and is looking for a place where she can use her education (that translates to wanting a forever home). You see, a home is something Jacie has never had. She and several litter mates were brought to the shelter when they were 5-6 months old and totally unsocialized. She was so shy and scared that no one ever wanted to adopt her. Jacie now knows all of the basics of obedience training. She liked her handlers very much. Although improved, Jacie is still shy and needs a home where this is understood; she will learn to love and play in a new environment, but it will take a while. Having another dog in the home would help in her adjustment period. Jacie is smart and learns quickly. It is good that Jacie got this training provided buy this wonderful program. It is not good that she had to go back to the shelter, so please help get her out so she can be a family pet!Jacie