Jake Is Seeking Help

JakeJake is a young black Labrador retriever mix who was abandoned in Viburnum and was found foraging for himself. He was befriended by a man living in a motel unit where he could not have the dog, so he contacted us and we made arrangements to get Jake. Jake has now been at the shelter a year. We are seeking someone with experience training dogs who will, if they cannot adopt him, take him in and work with him for couple of months. It is clear there has been abuse in this guy’s past. Once relaxed, he is loving and cuddly with people, loves to car ride and go for walks, and for the most part is friendly with other dogs. Too often, however, he meets a person or a dog that reminds him of something bad in his past and he growls and this behavior makes it difficult for him to find a home. He is not a vicious dog, just a scared one, and needs help in meeting all people and dogs without this reaction. If you can take it on, we’d all be most grateful (especially Jake). Thank you.