Puppies for Parole

DCAWS has four dogs in the Puppies for Parole Program at the Potosi prison.  This EDNAS program is terrific.  Shown is Butch, one of the trainees (and he is doing very well, thank you)!

Follow the link to our FaceBook page for the link to see other pictures and all about this wonderful happening.

Older Dogs in Need of New Homes

zeus and zeldaZeus and Zelda are 7-1/2 year old German shepherd mixes, both fixed and up to date on their shots. The owner is moving and not taking them. They are good looking, mellow dogs that have always been kept outside in the yard and not allowed in. They have had no formal training. For the remainder of their years, they would like a place where they are part of a family. If interested, email melfinmo@hotmail.com

The Two of Us Together



Sissy1Bub and Sissy are best friends as well as littermates. The Australian shepherd mixes were abandoned or lost as small puppies in the spring of 2012. They were in the woods, scared and very hard to catch. A disabled man became involved in their plight and ended up taking them home when they were captured. Now they are very large and he had to give him up because he cannot take care of them or train them. We promised we would try to find them a home together, but we all know that might be impossible. We would give special consideration to a home that could take them both, but won’t make it a requirement. They are beautiful dogs, gentle and affectionate, and on the shy side,needing some work on that.

Let’s Think Cats … Please!





ValerieWe still have many beautiful and fully vetted cats at the shelter that will never be lap sitters, but they are used to being around people and depending on them for daily care. They would be most excellent cats for someone wanting one or more around but not having it around their feet all the time. They do need shelter and food and would be good mousers for barns basements, garages,etc. No reasonable offer will be refused if the home is a kind one.